With their enrolment in the school, the students have to abide by the rules and regulations of the school framed in accordance with the norms set by the CBSE and the School management.

Students are expected to observe these rules strictly

  • The Principal is the supreme authority in the School. She is entitled to suspend, dismiss or take any punitive measures against the misconduct of students.
  • The School begins with a prayer everyday recited on the public address system. Students are expected to stand wherever they are and participate silently in the prayer.
  • Students should be prompt and punctual.
  • Students should dress up in uniforms and use decent language in their communication. In School Campus English is the only language for the correspondence.
  • Every student should handle School property with care. He/she should keep the classroom clean and tidy. Students found guilty of writing or scribbling on the walls of any building or on desks of the School should be severely punished.
  • Students should not enter or leave a class when a session is in progress without the permission of the teacher.
  • The use of mobile phones, particularly camera phone by students in the school campus is forbidden.
  • Smoking, consuming alcohol, ragging, eve teasing, using abusive language and other anti social activities are strictly prohibited.
  • Photo identity cards will be issued to all students in the School. He/she is expected to wear or keep it during the working hours in the School. A student who is unable to produce his ID card on demand should be reprimanded and fined.

The Procedure for Imposition of Punishment

  • The Principal of the School shall be the disciplinary authority in respect of the students in the School.
  • If it comes to the notice of the Principal that a student or a class of students have committed misconduct as referred to in Rule 5 above and that the Principal perceives that there is prima facie enough material in the allegation against the delinquent student, he shall immediately pass an order suspending the student/students from the School
  • If the Principal thinks that the delinquency alleged in the complaint requires further investigation/enquiry, he shall report the matter to the Staff Council. After reporting the matter and after seeking the views of the Council, the Principal shall appoint a competent teacher or a team of teachers to enquire into the matter and to submit the report at the earliest.
  • The Enquiry Officer so appointed shall conduct enquiry without delay after gathering oral or written evidence from the complainant as well as the person against whom the allegations/ delinquency, were made. The Enquiry Officer also shall give fair and reasonable opportunity to all parties and shall submit a report to the Principal. Based on the report, the Principal shall take appropriate action, which he deems fit, including the imposition of the following punishment
    1. Imposition of fine.
    2. Issuance of compulsory transfer certificate.
    3. Dismissal from the School